Entry to Majuba Lodge

For your safety, and that of our staff, the following entry requirements have been
implemented. Individuals that do not comply will be prohibited. Points of entry have been limited to control access.


You must accept Majuba Lodge’s COVID-19 Entry to Premises Terms and Conditions.


Sanitise your hands at entrances and check-in counters.


Undergo a temperature check and complete a medical screening questionnaire.


Anyone with a temperature over 37.3°C, or with flu-like symptoms, or who has indicated a high risk of exposure to the virus, will be isolated for a secondary assessment.


For multiple day hotel stays, temperature checks will be done when arriving or departing Majuba Lodge each day.


Wear a cloth or disposable mask at all times and Keep a distance of 1.5 meters from others at all times.



Only 70% alcohol-based hand sanitisers are used at Majuba Lodge.


Sanitisers your hands at entrances and check-in counters.


Our staff are required to wash or sanitise their hands regularly after specific activities and adhere to strict hygiene guidelines.


Hand sanitiser have been made available at all high- traffic areas.


Majuba Lodge is sanitised by licenced professionals once a month. A certificate is displayed in all rooms indicating the last date of sanitisation.

Procedure in a suspected COVID-19 case

Majuba Lodge has appointed a dedicated team to manage suspected COVID-19 cases.
Should you not feel well while on our property, please speak to any of our Managers for assistance.

The following steps will be taken if a guest suspects they are positive for COVID-19:


The person will be isolated, and health authorities notified.


Areas the person came into contact with will be isolated. If the person is a Hotel guest, their room will be removed from service.


Should the person test positive, the room and isolated areas will be decontaminated by a licensed expert.


An investigation will be carried out and contact tracing for staff and other guests will be completed.

Download full Majuba Lodge
COVID-19 Protocols